Welcome to Ravenscraig

Over the past decade, Ravenscraig has been transformed. The site – a key part of Scotland’s industrial heritage – lay derelict for years but is now home to one of Europe’s largest urban regeneration projects.

Investment of more than £200m has brought fresh life to the 1,200 acre site, with Ravenscraig now boasting hundreds of homes, a state-of-the-art college campus and a major regional sports facility, as well as a pub and restaurant.

While real, tangible progress has been made, this is just the beginning for Ravenscraig. A new masterplan is being developed that outlines Ravenscraig’s exciting future. Proposals include further housing, a primary school, a new 17-acre park, and a range of town centre facilities. Employment opportunities play a central role in the development plans, with conversations already underway with potential commercial occupants.

These further planned additions will ensure that Ravenscraig’s impressive transformation continues over the next ten years and beyond.

Latest News

View Ravenscraig Exhibition Boards

In November 2017, Ravenscraig Limited hosted a series of three community exhibitions to give local people a chance to view and comment on our new Masterplan proposals.

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Ravenscraig drop-in exhibitions announced

Members of the public are invited to view and comment on proposals being put forward for the next phase of development at Ravenscraig. A revised masterplan includes proposals for further housing, a primary school, a new 17-acre park, and a range of town centre facilities. Ravenscraig …

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Ravenscraig welcomes British Transplant Games

Ravenscraig Ltd was proud to be a backer of the British Transplant Games – which took place in North Lanarkshire last week. Now in its 40th year, this fantastic event saw 750 athletes take part in sporting activities across 14 venues including the Ravenscraig Regional Sports …

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